Meet Umberto Centofante!

Born in Pontecorvo Italy in 1924, Art is Umberto's passion. He received his first award for his set of drawings depicting life on his parents' farm, winning first place in a local art contest at the young age of eight. Umberto has been cultivating his talent ever since; the passion and enthusiasm he held for his craft in 1932 has remained with him to this day.

After emigrating to the United States, he continues to express himself through his artwork. Although he is an accomplished painter, his talents are not limited to one medium. Umberto's has expanded his creative palette to include works of wood and iron, all masterfully crafted. His paintings, many of which are visualized and completed from memory and without a guide, tell stories, and show an appreciation for the world in which we live.

Umberto is self-taught, but his innate talent and commitment to his craft have won him not only wide recognition, but a dedicated following. His customers appreciate his imagination and creativity, while his attention to even the smallest detail and use of color make for a vibrant and personal style.

Please browse our site and enjoy his work. At local shows, take some time to talk with Umberto. It will enrich your life!

"Art for the Discriminating Buyer"